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No matter how well you research for your essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation, the ultimate quality of your paper is significantly lowered if there is lack of proper editing and proofreading. Editing and proofreading enables you to eliminate grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that could cause a breakdown in communication or completely alter the meaning that you intended to communicate. Errors also break the voice that readers are eager to hear; hence, discourage readers from proceeding with the rest of your paper. However, editing and proofreading is not the easiest of tasks. You need to be extra careful and diligent in order to identify your own mistakes. This is why it is always advisable for you to have another person proofread your essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation. Splendidresearchers.com offer you the eagle eye that is needed when it comes to the task of editing and proofreading


Our proofreading and editing services are provided by native English speakers who have rich backgrounds in writing. Their rich backgrounds in academic writing enable them to not only spot grammatical errors and mistakes, but also identify areas in which you have flouted rules and conventions of academic writing. Our editing and proofreading experts not only focus on spelling and grammatical mistakes, but also examine your paper for other academic issues such as the presence of a thesis statement, relevance of the content to the topic, presentation of ideas and evidence, and transitions. Our editors also pay attention to the voice the paper. While the points that you present in the paper may be compelling, the success of your work may be significantly affected by the tone and voice that you adopt when writing. Most academic papers such as dissertations and theses require you to use a formal tone and an objective voice when presenting your argument. You are expected to remain neutral and only focus on interpreting objective and empirical evidence. Other forms of writing such as speeches and essays require you to take a position on the subject and adopt a persuasive voice and tone. Our professional editing and proofreading staff are aware of these requirements and will ensure that your paper gets the right voice.


Our professional proofreading and editing services will also help you to sort out formatting issues. Today, academic assignments are typified by stringent formatting requirements. Many styles of formatting have emerged including APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian. All these styles of documentation have specific rules and requirements. Our professional editors have mastered these styles of writing; hence, they will assist you to ensure that your document is compliant with the specified formatting style. We guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction to clients who use our editing and proofreading services. We also accept very urgent editing and proofreading assignment, and guarantee prompt delivery of the edited work. We are not limited to academic work; we also do editing and proofreading services for business and other professional clients. Our editing and proofreading services are very affordable. Contact our customer support team today and place your order. We have established a 24/7 customer support center so as to enhance our customers’ experiences.




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