A report is a well-organized and systematic document that presents facts about a given subject or issue. It may present information about an event, finding of a research project, or a business opportunity. Report writing is an inevitable task in all professions. Students are also required to complete different types of reports such as lab reports, project reports, case study reports, and attachment reports. Developing a good report requires adequate preparation. At the initial stage, you should reflect on the objective of the report. A report may serve different objectives such as informing the audience about a given issue, evaluating a certain phenomenon, persuading the audience, or directing the audience on a given task. The objective of the report has a significant bearing on the content, style, tone, and format of the report. For instance, a report whose objective is to persuade the audience may adopt an argumentative tone while a report that seeks to inform the audience may adopt a very objective tone.

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The second item that should be given adequate consideration at the initial stage of report writing is the target audience of the report. The target audience will also have a significant bearing on the content, format, style, and tone of the report. For instance, a report that is meant to present research findings to a group of scientist may adopt a highly systematic format that no only present findings but also explains the methods that were used to arrive at the findings because the scientists would be interest to know whether the methods were reliable. On the other hand, if the report is meant to presents finding of the same research to the general public, it may only focus on reporting the findings in a language and format that is easy to understand. Research is also an important part of the report writing process. Accuracy is one of the features that define a good report. This implies that you have to do a thorough and authentic research on the subject in order to get accurate information. The content presented in the report must be based on strong evidence rather that subjective reasoning. Excellent writing and organization skills are also critical in report writing. Reports are formal documents; hence, they should be written in a formal language. You also need to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as these may alter the message that you intended to communicate or discourage that target audience from reading the entire report.

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